About us

Bowling – is a game of luck, loved by sport funs of different ages and suitable for the groups of people of different sizes.  
4 bowling tracks are installed on the ground floor of LŪNA Bowling and Billiard club. Children also may play bowling – within a few moments the track can be “improved” so that all the throws reach the goal!
We invite You to play billiard on the first floor of the Club. There are 5 American billiard tables and Russian billiard table for Your entertainment.
Bowling and billiard – is a perfect gift either for a young or adult person who likes active excitable entertainments. We offer You to buy a gift voucher.
While enjoying a bowling and perfect throws, You can taste delicious meals, refresh with Your favourite drinks and have a great time.
LŪNA Bowling and Billiard Club is a perfect place for Your party, birthday or corporative party.  
Issue a challenge to Your friends and explore who’s throw on the bowling track is the most perfect.